Total Convalescence

Nature & Forest Therapy
“The Forest is the Therapist, The Guide Opens the Door!”

Convalescence is defined as the recovery of health and strength after sickness or weakness. At Total Convalescence - Nature & Forest Therapy, we are focused on your overall wellbeing. Body, mind and soul. Weakness and sickness could take various forms including stress, anxiety or depression brought on by a traumatic experience, loss, illness, or just being overwhelmed by work, school or life in general. Whether you are caring for someone else who is ill or you yourself are working towards achieving optimal health, Nature & Forest Therapy can help you achieve your goals. Some may even argue to say that everything in Nature has a purpose and many of its elements are used in the healing process.

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Guiding clients to a program that is tailored to their specific needs is our passion. From a basic Nature & Forest Therapy Session to our Indoor Programs and more. It's all about helping you and your loved ones heal... body, mind and soul. Bringing balance to your life.

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